Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Thoughts on the First Episode of Gokaiger

Even while watching it RAW, I still found this episode to be fantastic, and watching it subbed made it better just to know what everyone was saying. The legend war was awesome, nice seeing some of the old Sentai teams. I loved the space battle with Gokai Oh, I always loved mecha in space especially when I was a kid watching Power Rangers In Space.

Captain Marvelous - is a boss as I expected, the way he stood not phased by the explosions around him and how he shot his gun followed by the slow badass walk with his team was pure boss.

Joe - so far is pretty quiet and cool guy who will tend to make some suggestions to Marvelous.

Don - is pretty likeable, I thought he'd be a total goofball but he's pretty cool and funny at the same time.

Luka - is the silly tomboy that I like, her personality as well as her facial expressions make me like her more than Ahim.

Ahim - I like her but she doesn't stand out quite as much as Luka, she also seems to have some influence in the commands Marvelous gives out.

There were some funny scenes I enjoyed as well like the team announcing their arrival to earth in front of the earth people as well as  the curry restaurant blowing up when they were about to eat their curry rice.

The team's fights scenes are all terrific, I loved the constant switching of guns and swords between the team, shows how well they know each other. The changing into pass heroes was awesome as well.

I also like how they're also like the typical good guys where they know right away they want to protect the world, this goes to building character development for each of them.

All in all an episode that really grabs my attention and makes me keep rewatching it, I hope this series continue to go well.

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