Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My thoughts on Episode 1 of Power Rangers Samurai

I found the episode to be quite good, a lot of people say it lacked introduction and backstory but I don't think there's need rushing into it. I got a good vibe from the episode especially during the intro and the preview for the next episode, the only thing that kind of irked me were some of the names for the weapons and attacks but other than that I enjoyed the episode. It's funny how there's a lot of people at HJU saying how Power Rangers Samurai is just a watered down version of Shinkenger. I think people are over analyzing things, for one it's only been one episode and one episode doesn't represent an entire series as a whole, it's true how the plot has been borrowed from Shinkenger but I don't mind, it's fine if some people don't like it but don't be dragging other people down to your pit of negativity and ruin other people's enjoyment just because they didn't like it. If I knew how fast the negativity went up at HJU then I should have waited till Power Rangers Samurai premiered on Nick Canada on the 11th which I'm still going to watch on that channel and I'm looking forward to it since I think I'll have a better experience because I think watching something on TV is a different experience than watching something on the computer. I find it lame how there's still some people that are bitter about how most people disliked Disney's run of the franchise, I think people had every right to dislike Disney's run because:

- They did try to move forward with the franchise I'll give them that but they kept it in the shadows during the second half of their run

- Over editing for unnecessary stuff like kicks to the chest and editing fire to look more "magical"

- The explosions... Don't get me started on the explosions

-Too much wire fu and super slow mo fight sequences as well.

- Rather small budgets for seasons after SPD with Operation Overdrive being a slight exception

So to say that people can't be excited for PR to be back in Saban's hands is unfair, some people can be really pessimistic and unreasonable, basically thinking opinions are superior over facts and that their opinion can represent everyone.

At a change of pace I'm still looking for PRS toys but to no avail, I'm still really looking forward to this series despite what other people say. I might leave HJU for a while, at least where the PRS threads are since all the negative uproar in the PRS threads are starting to irritate me. I can't wait to watch it premiere on Nick Canada on Friday and can't wait for the episode after that too! I hope you guys that are still going to watch the series will continue to look forward to this series as well! Go Go Power Rangers!


  1. I Watch Shinkenger Episodes 1 and 2 on my wiimc yesterday. Why is power rangers samurai on nick canada was and where is a story?

  2. Corus Entertainment picked up PR from Marvista Entertainment to air it in Canada: