Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Thoughts on the First Episode of Gokaiger

Even while watching it RAW, I still found this episode to be fantastic, and watching it subbed made it better just to know what everyone was saying. The legend war was awesome, nice seeing some of the old Sentai teams. I loved the space battle with Gokai Oh, I always loved mecha in space especially when I was a kid watching Power Rangers In Space.

Captain Marvelous - is a boss as I expected, the way he stood not phased by the explosions around him and how he shot his gun followed by the slow badass walk with his team was pure boss.

Joe - so far is pretty quiet and cool guy who will tend to make some suggestions to Marvelous.

Don - is pretty likeable, I thought he'd be a total goofball but he's pretty cool and funny at the same time.

Luka - is the silly tomboy that I like, her personality as well as her facial expressions make me like her more than Ahim.

Ahim - I like her but she doesn't stand out quite as much as Luka, she also seems to have some influence in the commands Marvelous gives out.

There were some funny scenes I enjoyed as well like the team announcing their arrival to earth in front of the earth people as well as  the curry restaurant blowing up when they were about to eat their curry rice.

The team's fights scenes are all terrific, I loved the constant switching of guns and swords between the team, shows how well they know each other. The changing into pass heroes was awesome as well.

I also like how they're also like the typical good guys where they know right away they want to protect the world, this goes to building character development for each of them.

All in all an episode that really grabs my attention and makes me keep rewatching it, I hope this series continue to go well.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sentai Shipping

When I watch a Sentai series I like to nitpick at any certain chemistry I find interesting between a male and female cast member just for fun, here are my favourite canon and non-canon Sentai shippings:


My favourite pairing, the spoiled princess that thought she could do whatever she want until a commoner came and showed her being a hero is more than being the best groomed, their interactions were often funny, subtle hints of them were still thrown in even after Sousuke was back to normal after being rusted. I was heavily disappointed how nothing ever happen between them in Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger since they made it seem like they've never talked to each other before, I'm not banking on it but there's a small chance that something might happen between them but that's likely wishful thinking. It was obvious Miu liked Sousuke a lot but it's also obvious after Sousuke found out Miu likes him he didn't know what to do since he's not good with this kind of stuff.


They had good chemistry in the Dekaranger movie and their meeting was love at first sight, I think Mari is a good counterbalance to Ban's hyperactive nature since she has the patience for him and can easily notice his good qualities. Ban in the movie showed he was willing to do anything to save her and convinced Mari not to give up and continue to believe in justice, one of Ban's strong points, his sense of justice. It was nice this pairing was hinted again in Magiranger vs. Dekaranger when Hoji asked Ban when he's going to ask Mari to marry him and the picture of Mari on the back of Ban's License.


Although it was a one-sided for Sakura for the most part of the series, I think her going into space with Satoru left people to believe she would bond with him more and slowly revealed her feelings for him. In Gekiranger vs. Boukenger Sakura started calling Satoru by his first name rather than Chief with Satoru acknowledging that hinting they may have started a relationship together.


Even though it was only for one episode, their bond was very deep and was moving and sad at the same time. It's a shame she was no longer part of this world so they couldn't be together. I think her gentle, kind, nature is a perfect balance to Tsubasa's more quiet level headed nature. This episode featuring them is one of the few times Tsubasa showed a lot of emotion, something he doesn't do often. I think this pairing is quite underrated.


They both have great chemistry together, both from the Skick tribe, and are childhood friends which often translates into being lovers in Japan. Often times when they do stuff together that's not fighting against the enemy they seem to act like a married couple, I became more interested in this shipping in episode 13 of Goseiger when Eri couldn't master that Skick technique with her at the end of the episode just staring and smiling at Alata while he's playing cards with Nozumu and the guys. When Eri told Moune that Alata sure has grown up, Moune asked her what she meant by that and Eri quickly tried to cover up what she just said, Alata probably doesn't know how Eri feels about him but he seems like the person that can accept her feelings for him. It was revealed the Goseigers don't really know much about love but they can probably feel it even if they don't understand it. Most of my liking to this pairing is mostly speculation so chances are nothing is going to happen between them and I don't expect anything to but shipping is fun lol.


They had good chemistry together and both the youngest members of Shinkenger. Whenever there's a scene involving Kotoha with him or concerning her a little more is revealed about him and how he cares for her and Kotoha is willing to stick by his side. This pairing is often overshadowed by the Takeru/Mako pairing or the Takeru/Kotoha pairing but I think Chiaki and Kotoha are a better fit for each other. I didn't expect out of this pairing and don't expect more either.


Perhaps the most overrated shipping in Sentai but still a good shipping nonetheless. This pairing isn't one of my top favourites but still a good pairing as I said, they look good together, Mako always supported Takeru and how he helps him open up and lighten up a bit too. A lot of times they worry about each other and are comfortable having each other's company, most of the time they're direct with each other too, little bs for them. It's also pictures like the one above that causes the shippers to sky rocket. I didn't expect too much to happen between them in the Shinkenger finale and not much came about from it, there might be a few hints thrown into Goseiger vs. Shinkenger or maybe in Gokaiger but chances are there might not be any closure between them.

I think it's a pretty good shipping, like any good pairing they start off not really seeing eye to eye but later acknowledges each other's quality, even after episode 14 in Goseiger where they started to have a better friendship Moune tends to try and get Hyde to lighten up a little even enjoying his laugh that irked everyone else. The episode where Hyde was worried about Datas was also a nice indicator of how their relationship has improved, like the Alata/Eri pairing there probably isn't going to be anything that brings closure nor do I expect any.

This pairing kind of random since it came about near the end of the series of Dekaranger. Sen seems more like the rebound from the Alienizer that pretended to be Umeko's boyfriend but I guess she just realized Sen was the one that's been there all along for her. With this pairing we did see a more emotional side of Sen and how much he cares for Umeko, it was nice how it was still hinted they were still together in Magiranger vs. Dekaranger with their date and all. Sen's rather laidback personality as well as his smart thinking is a nice mix with Umeko's outgoing personality and her being ditzy most of the time.

Well that's it for my favourite pairings, you guys feel free to post yours if you wish.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My thoughts on Episode 1 of Power Rangers Samurai

I found the episode to be quite good, a lot of people say it lacked introduction and backstory but I don't think there's need rushing into it. I got a good vibe from the episode especially during the intro and the preview for the next episode, the only thing that kind of irked me were some of the names for the weapons and attacks but other than that I enjoyed the episode. It's funny how there's a lot of people at HJU saying how Power Rangers Samurai is just a watered down version of Shinkenger. I think people are over analyzing things, for one it's only been one episode and one episode doesn't represent an entire series as a whole, it's true how the plot has been borrowed from Shinkenger but I don't mind, it's fine if some people don't like it but don't be dragging other people down to your pit of negativity and ruin other people's enjoyment just because they didn't like it. If I knew how fast the negativity went up at HJU then I should have waited till Power Rangers Samurai premiered on Nick Canada on the 11th which I'm still going to watch on that channel and I'm looking forward to it since I think I'll have a better experience because I think watching something on TV is a different experience than watching something on the computer. I find it lame how there's still some people that are bitter about how most people disliked Disney's run of the franchise, I think people had every right to dislike Disney's run because:

- They did try to move forward with the franchise I'll give them that but they kept it in the shadows during the second half of their run

- Over editing for unnecessary stuff like kicks to the chest and editing fire to look more "magical"

- The explosions... Don't get me started on the explosions

-Too much wire fu and super slow mo fight sequences as well.

- Rather small budgets for seasons after SPD with Operation Overdrive being a slight exception

So to say that people can't be excited for PR to be back in Saban's hands is unfair, some people can be really pessimistic and unreasonable, basically thinking opinions are superior over facts and that their opinion can represent everyone.

At a change of pace I'm still looking for PRS toys but to no avail, I'm still really looking forward to this series despite what other people say. I might leave HJU for a while, at least where the PRS threads are since all the negative uproar in the PRS threads are starting to irritate me. I can't wait to watch it premiere on Nick Canada on Friday and can't wait for the episode after that too! I hope you guys that are still going to watch the series will continue to look forward to this series as well! Go Go Power Rangers!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My early thoughts on Power Rangers Samurai

A Power Rangers series that I have been anticipating since Saban bought back the franchise last May. For anyone that goes on HJU you probably notice that I've done quite a bit of the graphic design work for the Power Rangers Samurai thread and that I frequently post there as well, this is my first time following the production of a Power Rangers series so closely and it has been an exciting ride. Only 2 days away from airing in the States, and 6 days away from airing in Canada, here are my early thoughts:


I found it to be very nice and it was funny how Jayden didn't tell his team to duck when he was swinging his Fire Smasher and said to do it as a team but went in alone. I also like how since they are filming with HD cameras now it blends in with the source footage which in this case is Samurai Sentai Shinkenger which was also shot in HD.


Simply fantastic, I think Saban and Nick have outdone themselves in the promotion department, the promotion in this season alone than Disney did for their 7 seasons of Power Rangers.

My favourite promo has been this one, feels like a movie trailer:

Even their toy commercials has that old Saban's Power Rangers vibe to it, glad to see his name above the Power Rangers logo again too:


During the casting I wanted an Asian red ranger since it was never done before and very fitting for a Samurai theme season but our current red Ranger Jayden has grown on me from the clip samples we have gotten from Saban and Nick as well as the media.

Kevin seems to be a nice counterpart to Ryunosuke (I might have spelled his name wrong) of Shinkenger, playing the disciplined warrior.

Mike I find to be a very good counterpart of Chiaki, both being rebels and somewhat slackers.

Emily is a lot like Kotoha, the Saban crew picked a good choice to be Kotoha's counterpart.

Erika makes a good counterpart to Mako as well, good pick on her too.


I don't mind Power Rangers Samurai being pretty much a direct adaption from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger I do like how Saban has incorporated some new things into the show like the new cockpit, Mega Suits, and... BULK!

I think it's been a real treat from all the info and clips we be getting recently and hope this season will help bring the franchise back on it's feet again.

It's going to be hard for me to avoid HJU after Power Rangers Samurai airs in the States this coming Monday since I live in Canada and for me I want to wait till it airs in Canada to watch it. Re-runs of the old Power Rangers seasons will air on Nick Toons and Teletoon Retro in Canada which I'm happy to know since I do have that channel.

I also hope the toys will be in toy stores here in Canada this week since I been going into toy stores almost every week in search of the Samurai toys.

Power Rangers Samurai airs February 7th 8/7 C on Nick and February 11th 8 ET on Nick Canada.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My early thoughts on Gokaiger

So far based on the info on the new Sentai Series Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger I'm loving it already and hopefully the series won't disappoint. I'm loving the whole space pirates concept as well as past rangers returning and even the ability they have to henshin into them as well, so far my favourite Gokaiger is Gokai Red, since he's a boss, and from their profile descriptions I think I'm going to really enjoy this cast:

Gokai Red: I think pretty much everything about him is badass:

- He has a badass jacket
- Always folding his arms
- The leader
- Has a giant pirate ship that can fly in space and travel to different worlds
- Henshined into Go-On Red in the Goseiger vs. Shinkenger movie
- Picked up Gokai Pink
- Not to mention his name, his name is pure win

Even the way he shoots in his regular form during this badass walk is boss:

Gokai Blue: He seems like the blue ranger from Dekaranger, Hoji, both cool, badass, and knows their leader really well.

Gokai Green: Super Sentai's own Ziggy

Gokai Yellow: Tomboy type of character which I like since they're hasn't been many tomboy yellow senshi's recently and they bring some toughness which is cool:, she's also pretty cute heh.

Gokai Pink: Pretty to look at but doesn't seem to do much else other than worry about people in civilian form but that could change when the series progresses

I'm liking the mecha too since some past mecha can combine with it, plus it can be in space, which is awesome.

Power Rangers Samurai and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger are two series I'm definitely looking forward to for this year.